Reliance Litigation: Mitigating Risk – Mass Torts – Class Actions – Targeted Campaigns

Many of you know me from being the SVP over at Alert for the past few years. I am now the EVP over at Reliance Litigation which is a full service legal marketing agency that includes marketing, expert intake and sign-ups for mass torts, wildfires or specific targeted PI or class actions and specializes in mitigating marketing financial risk for these campaigns for law firms.

Many have asked “why did I move?” Over the years I have seen many marketing or intake clients show frustration with spending for media over here and intake over there and getting sub-average results with no accountability from either side with high fallout. I moved to a company that resolves this and offers performance, guarantees and accountability.

The process here is unique, vertically integrated, and mitigates the financial risk of marketing, or rather, acquiring clients. Our proprietary marketing engine and methods use over 86 types of media that can be branded or unbranded and we optimize this to perform and create volume. How do we optimize? Our extremely expert intake group, while performing intake, sends data back to our marketing so we know what ads to spend or change buys real-time. This technology is also combined with our outbound dialing mechanism which is also being optimized to reach potential clients at the best possible times. We combine research, data, marketing optimization, logic and contact mechanisms and we do this all with lead quality and integrity, ethically, and with advertising compliance.

We also add advanced intake processes post-signing to reduce fallout and improve stick rates and reachability for these signed clients.

We can also run programs for other practice types such as employment law to find and sign clients as well.   
We are No Nonsense Real Results.

We have many references and if you would like to learn more or have questions, please contact me here:

Tom Ball
Executive Vice President
Reliance Litigation
805-844-3002 cell/text
Legal Marketing and Fulfillment, Intake & Sign Ups

Reliance Litigation: Mitigating Risk – Mass Torts – Class Actions – Targeted Campaigns

Need Help Reaching New Clients?

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