Infant Formula Lawsuits

Infant Formula Lawsuits

Proper nutrition is vital for the physical development of a prematurely-born child. For this reason, many pediatricians recommend parents feed their preterm babies infant formulas, such as those made by Enfamil and Similac. However, recent studies have found that feeding preemies one of these dairy-based formulas actually slows a child’s development and increases their chances of developing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a potentially deadly condition which causes intestinal tissue to die. In fact, a November 2021 study published in Pediatrics and Child found that babies that are fed infant formula instead of breast milk are three times more likely to develop NEC.

Such studies have led to multiple lawsuits against formula makers Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson, alleging that the companies should have warned doctors and parents that feeding premature babies their formulas increased the risk of them developing NEC.

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Client Intake
Our marketing strategy is coupled with expert intake services, part of which involves refined processes that reduce case fallout.
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Infant Formula Lawsuits

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