Mass Torts – Mitigate Marketing Financial Risks Before You Start

What are the biggest complaints law firms have when investing with marketing vendors for mass tort campaigns?

Price Control

  1. Generally, there is a media buy. This could be for digital marketing, TV,Radio, or other media.
  2. Often this media buy is only financially successful if the ads and marketing strategy are correct. Incorrect buys or strategies yield a high cost-per-case, or what is considered a “failed campaign” from the law firms viewpoint.
  3. There are many vendors that do not deliver or meet the expectations of law firms for their mass tort campaigns.
  4. Lack of transparency from marketing vendors is common.
  5. No performance guarantees offered.f.Poor marketing, ads, and media buys lead to much higher intake costs.


  1. Law firm internal intake may not be sufficient to respond to leads in a timely manner, 24/7, or have the high-quality bandwidth that is needed.
  2. Outsourced intake to 3rd party providers may or may not qualify or convert at the desired rate, and may simply not be able to hire the top professionals needed to provide the quality necessary for screening formass torts. To compete, they may be sending marketing intake to offshore or near-shore locations to try and control pricing.
  3. Third party intake may not be able to properly dial out in a timely manner for digital marketing or do so in a compliant manner.
  4. Poor intake raises the cost of marketing. This is absolute marketing physics. Intake weakness causes more media to be purchased to meet the necessary goals, simply raising the cost of marketing for each client.
  5. Poor intake and screening will result in higher case fallout.

Integration and Accessibility

  1. Integration to CRMs, Case Management Software, and even third-party vendors for medical records, review, and work ups is becoming ever more necessary, but often is not fully provided by marketing vendors.
  2. Strong integration tech teams are needed to be able to complete this, and are often not available from marketing vendors.

Reporting and Transparency

  1. It is often not clear, at all, to law firms, why their campaigns are not working when they are juggling multiple vendors to achieve signed cases for a single campaign. When they are using a non-vertically integrated solution, this outcome can be expected.

How do you resolve this before you start?

  1. Address all the points above and do not move forward until you are confidant in your marketing vendor.
  2. Chooses a vertically integrated, technically robust, marketing partner that is transparent, has excellent reporting, and can provide performance guarantees.
  3. “Vertically integrated” means marketing, media buys, ads, expert intake, andsign ups, as well all technical integrations, are controlled and operated by one single marketing entity with one-stop accountability.
  4. Guarantees can vary in nature, but it should be clear what you can expect to get for your investment and what happens if you do not achieve it or if it is taking too long to achieve.

Need help to resolve all of this and feel comfortable with your marketing investments for mass torts?

Contact Reliance Litigation for your mass tort marketing solution.

Mass Tort Financial Risk - Piggy Bank Spilling

Need Help Reaching New Clients?

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