Mass Torts: Guaranteed Results or Money-Back Solutions

Mass Tort Guaranteed Results

The Media Buy

Typically, a law firm buys media in the form of social media leads or PPC, or get their leads through SEO. They may also invest in TV or radio ads. These leads are then sent to their internal intake, outsourced, or both. Bad media (weak or bad ads) drive poor leads. This does not even take into consideration the ethics and compliance required for advertising, which is added risk. Whatever the case, it is money spent in advance.

The Intake Buy

Internal intake in a law firm tries to manage intake screening, qualification, and sign up for multiple marketing channels during open office hours. The law firm may also send digital outbound or inbound leads to outsourced intake solution companies; which may have their own issues, such as quality control, live answer rates, and response issues.

The Finger Pointing

When campaigns don’t work, intake will say “bad leads,” and Media or Marketing companies will say “bad intake.” This leaves your law firm funding a bad campaign.

The Solution

Mass Tort Solutions

Reliance Litigation has designed their process to address every single component of your campaign, using the highest quality marketing mechanisms running to almost 100 different digital media solutions with dozens of different ads being optimized continually. The result is extremely high-quality leads with lead integrity. What is lead integrity? Lead integrity means we are not getting our leads from questionable sources or by advertising in a questionable manner, we’re getting our leads legitimately.

We then have absolute experts properly, respectfully, and empathetically handling intake for every potential client as we move through the qualifying process. All the data collected is then sent back to our proprietary marketing engine to use to optimize our advertising and ads. Finally, we execute the e-sign process, follow-up process, and have instituted a series of systems to dramatically reduce fallout after signing. We hang our hat on our process and guarantee that we will perform, or your firm gets its money back.

If your firm wants to take advantage of our revolutionary approach to vertically-integrated marketing, schedule a call with us.

Mass Torts - Guaranteed Results or Money-Back Solutions

Need Help Reaching New Clients?

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