Heavy Metals in Baby Food. How Can You Help These Families?

Helping Law Firms With Baby Food Claims
According to a recent U.S. Congress report, the toxic heavy metals arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury can be found in many popular brands of baby food, including:
  • Beech-Nut
  • Earth’s Best Organic
  • Gerber
  • Plum Organics (made by Campbell)
  • Walmart/Parent’s Choice
  • Sprout Organic Foods
This is disturbing because, according to Consumer Reports, exposure to even small amounts of these heavy metals at an early age may increase the risk of several health issues, including lower IQ, behavior problems, autism, and ADHD. The congressional report blames the contamination on lax testing by the manufacturers of the products. What prompted the congressional report was a 2019 study by advocacy group, Healthy Babies, Bright Futures which found that 95 percent of commercial baby foods tested contained at least one heavy metal and 87 percent contained more than one heavy metal. The health effects of heavy metal exposure can cause serious injury, last a lifetime, and impact a victim’s entire family. If your firm would like to help the families and the children harmed by toxic baby food, Reliance Litigation, as your agent, can help you with research, marketing, custom screening, and retention with your document package. Our focus is on empathy and providing high-quality service for all phases of these sensitive projects. To get more information please fill out this form:

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Our marketing strategy is coupled with expert intake services, part of which involves refined processes that reduce case fallout.
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Helping Law Firms With Baby Food Claims

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